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Wasp Control

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If you’re plagued by wasps, you don’t have to take on the dangerous task of trying to eliminate them yourself. Let us connect you with wasp control specialists will perform this task safely and effectively.

What are Wasps and why are they Dangerous?

Wasps are flying insects that have two wings. They are normally dark brown in colour with yellow bands on the abdomen and are around an inch long. These insects have a stinger that is used whenever this creature feels threatened. When people are stung by wasps, it could be painful and also cause itching and swelling. Some people are highly allergic to wasp stings and require medical attention. Those with wasp sting allergies can break out in hives or become short of breath shortly after an incident.

Identifying Wasps Nests

One sure way to be sure you need wasp control is the discovery of nests. They may be in trees, on the side of buildings, underneath eaves or even on the ground. They are typically gray in colour, and have a honeycomb appearance on one side of them. The nest may be partially enclosed with a paper-like shell, which can have a rough texture much like alligator skin does. If any of these nests are discovered, you should not disturb them, but take note of their location and then contact a pest control specialist to assist you with removal.

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Destruction of Property

In addition to being hazardous to your health, wasps can also damage the buildings in which they make their nests. They chew through wood in order to make a paper with which they line their nests. These insects can also bore through aluminum or vinyl siding to get to a nest. They sometimes bore through wooden fences and outdoor furniture, leaving holes that cause them to appear unsightly.

Humane Wasp Control

You may be concerned about the use of chemicals on your property or feel that wasps should not be killed. If that’s the case, you may want to consider having the nest moved elsewhere instead. This can involve plugging the entry hole so that wasps cannot gain access to it in the interim and then removing the nest from its location. Wasp traps are another humane alternative to extermination. Traps can be placed near the nest so that wasps enter but cannot get out. They can then be turned loose in an isolated area later. Farmland can be an ideal location for doing this since wasps eat many of the pests that threaten crops.

Reasons not to attempt self-extermination

There are plenty of reasons to consider hiring wasp removal to rid your property of wasps, and a few of these reasons include:

  • Don’t have to worry about being stung by these insects while attempting to remove them
  • Chemicals used to exterminate wasps require special handling, which makes it unsafe for most people to do
  • Some nests can be overlooked when spraying, but exterminators know where and how to look for these bugs so they all can be eliminated
  • Relocating nests to another area requires special protective equipment be worn
  • You may not have a suitable location for releasing wasps from traps

Wasp Control Costs

When it comes to wasp control, homeowners will all be charged different rates. A number of things influence wasp control costs including the size of the area being treated and accessibility of the nests. Using humane removal methods could cost more since the nests may need to be transported some distance after they are gathered up. Some exterminating companies offer discounts for those who sign up for monthly or quarterly pest control service.

Your wasp control questions answered

What are the benefits?

When you let a professional handle your wasp problem, you can be sure all of the pests will be completely removed. In addition to that, in some instances it's cheaper to hire a professional than spend money attempting to rid yourself of wasps to no avail.

How long does professional wasp control take?

These experts will employ a variety of methods to take care of your wasp problem, from bait to nest removal. The length of time it takes will depend on each case. Your professional pest control expert will explain his or her methods when they provide you with a quote.

How much does wasp control cost when done professionally?

This will vary slightly from company to company, but most will charge around £45-£55 per nest. It is usually only done between June and December though, to lower the potential danger to the pest control professional.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, but it is not nearly as effective as professional treatment. Bug sprays may kill the visible wasps, but it does not remove the nesting site and other wasps may return to the same site in the future.

Why should I have a wasps’ nest relocated rather than destroyed?

Although no to the extent of bees, wasps perform the very necessary function of pollinating certain flowers and trees. As such, they are a useful insect that should be protected whenever possible.

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