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Wall Partitions

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Used in offices, schools, libraries, hotels and public buildings, wall partitions provide a perfect way to make sure the right amount of space is available for a meeting or function. The wall partition installation companies in our network have many years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing wall partitions in a wide variety of buildings. The partitions are of the highest quality and include excellent soundproofing features.

Wall partitions can be made in a wide range of colours, textures and heights. Frames can be made of steel, timber, plaster, aluminium, glass or other materials and they can be fire rated as well. The partitions have a wide variety of uses such as making two offices out of one large one or blocking out a quiet space for reading in a large family room. The can be used to carve out a breakfast area in a large kitchen or an activity area in a school classroom. Wall partitions are cost effective, lightweight and thermally efficient, and the installers in our network are skilled and professional.

 partition wall costs

Wall Partition Costs

Average prices will vary according to the type and size of partitions that are needed and the number of rooms where they have to be installed. The material out of which the partitions are constructed along with local labour costs will also impact the final price of wall partition projects. Whether or not the partitions require acoustical qualities will affect the costs as will the style, colours, texture and design. Custom made partitions also cost more than standard partitions that are in stock.

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Your wall partition questions answered

What are some advantages?

Wall partitions can break up large spaces and make the area more useful. For instance, a wall partition can create a separate kitchen and dining room in a large area that is built to act as both spaces.

Where can you add wall partitions?

Wall partitions can be added in commercial office buildings to separate spaces for employees, in homes to make large spaces more beneficial and in industrial areas to make separate spaces for different functions.

Can I install wall partitions myself?

No. While it sounds simple enough, it is a job that requires years of training and experience to master. Since you are adding walls to your home or office, it should be done by a professional so that everything is done correctly the first time.

How much do wall partitions cost?

That will depend on details of the job. Just splitting a large room in half can cost around £800, while adding light switches, doors, or radiators can increase the price of the job to well over £1,500.

Can a wall partition be used to divide a single bedroom into two separate ones?

Yes, although you may need to make some other adjustments such as creating a new entrance or reworking your electrical wiring. Consult with a contractor from our network for free, no-obligation quotes on wall partitions.

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