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installation of septic tanks

Septic Tank Installation - Compare Costs

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A septic tank is essentially a tank in which waste material from a house or building collects and is decomposed through bacterial action. Homes that cannot be connected to water main pipes need septic tanks installed. The septic tank companies in our database have been pre-screened for licensing, certification and competence. Just complete the simple form below and you will quickly receive 4 quotes free of charge from qualified septic tank companies in your area.

Choosing a Qualified Septic Tank Installer

We can take away any complications involved in selecting a reputable septic tank company when a new tank needs to be installed on a property. Our database of septic tanks companies have already been investigated and found to be qualified and dependable. They come with verifiable references if needed. A poor septic tank installation job can be disastrous for a property and the surrounding environment. That is why it is vital to choose, not just the cheapest installer, but the most qualified. Our septic tank contractors are available for free consultations and can advise customers as to the size and type of septic tank that would work best on their property.

 septic tank costs

Septic Tank Costs

Septic tank costs may vary based on a number of factors. First and foremost, all environmental and building regulations must be observed when a septic tank is installed on a property. The companies in our network have been found to be compliant with all regulations associated with septic tank installation, repairs and maintenance. All septic tank costs may depend on other factors including the location of the house, the type of soil on the property, the size of the property and the distance from other properties and bodies of water like lakes and rivers. Another factor that affects cost is the size of the septic tank and that depends mainly on the number of people occupying a home.

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 septic tank environmental law

Septic Tanks and Environmental Law:

Septic tanks can be a source of serious pollution if not properly installed and maintained. That is why it is vital to contract with a qualified septic tanks company like those in our extensive network. As of last year, all discharges from septic tanks must be registered with the Environment Agency in the U.K. under regulation EPP2. This law applies to both new and old septic tanks regardless of their age and how long they have been installed at their current site. Individuals and businesses that do not follow environmental regulations pertaining to septic tanks may be subject to fines; therefore, it is crucial to contract with a reputable and skilled septic tanks company.

Taking Proper Care of your Newly Installed Septic Tank

There are ways to keep septic tanks operating efficiently to protect the environment and avoid costly repairs. Conserving water is important; therefore, it is wise to organize laundry, dishwashing and bathing tasks so that water is not wasted. It is vital that certain substances are not poured down drains or discarded in toilets. Things like grease, coffee grounds, paints, bleach, cleaners, solvents and caustics are detrimental to the function of a septic tank. Other solid items like cigarette butts, sanitary products, hair and food may cause clogs. It is often a good idea to add beneficial bacteria products such as OE42 to a septic tank to help with the tank’s natural biological digestion. Once you are used to your new installation basic maintenance like this will become second-nature. You will only then need to organise the emptying of your tank when needed, which will vary according to tank size and usage amount.

suitable land for  septic tanks

Buying Land that May Need a Septic Tank

Before purchasing land that is not connected to water main pipes, it is crucial to talk with the agent about installing a septic tank. It may be a good idea to make the actual purchase contract for the land contingent on obtaining a permit to install a septic tank. There are certain soils that are not suitable for septic tanks and it would be unfortunate to purchase a piece of property that could never support any kind of sewer system. If the property already has a septic tank installed, it is important to obtain a copy of the original permit so that you can find the location of the tank and drain field prior to building on the property.

Common Problems with Septic Tanks

While most septic tanks will continue to operate without issue for decades when they are properly maintained, there are three issues that homeowners report more than any others. These include the following:

  • Soakaway problems. A soakaway is a hole dug into the ground and surrounded by rocks. This allows surface water to drip back down into the ground close to where it falls. Soakaway failure can occur when septic tanks are not emptied regularly. This can cause sewage to back up into toilets and even bathtubs.
  • Septic tank overflow. Septic tanks can and will overflow if they are not emptied regularly. For safety reasons, overflow features are built into the tank. A surefire sign of septic tank overflow is when the ground above the tank area is saturated with waste. Emptying the tank regularly can prevent this.
  • Transit line breaks or leaks. Liquid and solid waste from all the drains in your home must travel through transit lines to reach the septic tank, where solids are then separated from liquids. Transit line leaks and breaks are also quite common, and these tend to occur when digging or due to a significant clog. A plumber can provide advice for keeping your transit lines clear, such as avoiding flushing large objects.
emptying your new septic tank

Emptying a Septic Tank

Septic tanks are quite large, and the bacteria found inside them breaks down solid waste into a liquid which takes up less space inside the tank itself. However, no matter how large your tank or how much bacteria you add, you will sometimes need to pay a professional company to empty your tank. On average, this should be done every three to five years; some homeowners may need to empty their tanks more often, especially if they are smaller. If you’re unsure about whether your tank needs to be emptied, fill out a quote form so you can hire a company to provide this information for you.

Your septic tank questions answered

What are septic tanks?

Septic tanks are large tanks that are buried in homeowners' yards, and designed to hold the waste that users get rid of when they flush their toilets. These tanks must be inspected often to ensure that they are continuing to do their jobs.

Where can septic tanks be installed?

They are typically installed in the yard of the homeowner, and the exact location can depend upon the space available.

What maintenance can I do to keep my septic tank running smoothly?

All septic systems can benefit from an enzyme treatment once a month. Products like Rid-X or other similar septic treatments can be purchased at hardware stores and should be poured down the toilet at least every 30 days.

Is there anything that I should avoid putting into my septic tank?

The septic tank functions because of a delicate balance of bacteria and enzymes that work together to digest the solid waste. Anything that is too acidic or to alkaline can upset that balance and can make the septic tank clog.

Can I use the same sewer lines when replacing my septic tank?

This may not always be possible, as the requirements for septic tanks may have changed since you last had yours installed. You will need a complete survey to determine what if any sewer lines may be salvaged.

What if I have a septic tank overflow on a weekend?

Some plumbers have weekend business hours, so if your issue arises during the daytime, you may be able to find a company to help you with this emergency situation. Even if there are no plumbers open in your area on weekends, most companies have plumbers on call who will come to your home day or night, even on weekends or holidays, to take care of emergencies. Often, there are extra fees involved for emergency services.

How often will my septic tank need to be completely replaced?

With proper care and maintenance, which includes regular emptying every few years, a good septic tank that is the right size for the family can last about 40 years – and some can last indefinitely. You should always watch for signs of a failing septic tank, though, such as frequent overflows and the need to empty it more regularly than usual.

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