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Safe and secure scaffolding, be it for commercial or residential construction projects, is of the utmost importance. Using scaffolding offers affordable solutions, helping your construction site comply with health and safety regulations. Scaffolding should always be set up by professionals, as one wrong join can compromise the entire structure and result in serious injury. Need scaffolders but afraid of the cost? That's where we can help, finding you the best scaffolding deals.

There are three distinct advantages to using scaffolding regardless of the size of your project. Scaffolding is easily transported and erected to suit any type of job requiring work at extreme heights.

1) Reach

A scaffold tower allows construction teams to work at heights that would not normally be possible using only step and traditional ladders. Scaffolders use a small platform, usually of wood or fibreglass, on top a network of support beams, allowing work to be done safely at extreme elevations. Rigging a scaffold tower is often much easier and more practical than trying to attain the same height with ladders.

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2) Position

The solid platform offered by scaffolding puts workers directly in front of the work surface, avoiding the awkward and potentially dangerous angles of using ladders. The platforms also allow multiple workers to stand side by side, working together to get the job done quickly. The solid platform also enables the workers to keep all their tools together without the need for carry them up and down ladders as well as increased stability.

3) Safety

The biggest and most important advantage to scaffolding is the safety factor. Scaffolding is extremely safe, using multiple anchor points on the ground. The strong but lightweight frame allows workers to maintain their balance and work more easily from the platform than from a ladder. Scaffolding greatly reduces the risk of falls or accidents with power tools at extreme heights. There is an additional guardrail and toe board around the platform, preventing workers from falling off or slipping under the scaffolding.

Professional Scaffolding

Scaffolding is only safe if erected by professionals. Attempting to rig scaffolding without professional assistance could be extremely dangerous, resulting in injury and tragedy for construction workers. Many companies provide a variety of equipment suitable for large-scale commercial construction sites as well as smaller residential jobs. Scaffolding managers usually asses the site's needs before recommending the safest and most practical scaffolding solution.

Scaffolding Insurance

As an additional safety feature, most professional scaffolding companies are fully-insured with public liability cover in the unlikely event of accidents. Some companies may offer additional services such as on-site first aid, training programmes, and may even have on-site foremen to maintain the scaffold tower and ensure that all health and safety regulations are followed while the scaffolding is in use.

The Cost of Scaffolding

Hiring scaffolding doesn't have to be expensive. Pay now for scaffolding and save money on the potential medical bills resulting from injury sustained thanks to wonky ladders. Compromising the safety of your construction workers could also result in hefty legal fees. Why risk the safety of your workers and the quality of your construction job when we're here to help you save money?

Need professional scaffolding but not sure where to turn? We'll help you find the best scaffolding at the lowest prices. Take a minute to fill in our online form detailing your construction project and scaffolding needs. We'll take care of the rest, finding you the most affordable solutions to your construction needs. Get a free, no obligation quote from us today for professional scaffolding you can trust.

Your scaffolding questions answered

What would I need scaffolding for?

Scaffolding is most commonly used in construction such as the replacement of windows and exterior painting, as it allows the workers to reach higher locations while being on a stable platform. It is safer than using a ladder.

Can I install permanent scaffolding?

You could, but it's generally not recommended. Scaffolding is designed to be very temporary in nature and will not stand up well to season after season of weather and use.

I need to paint the top storey of my house. Can you rent some scaffolding to me and have someone set it up for me?

We most certainly can arrange for an expert team of installers to provide you with quotes and advice on how to use it safely as well.

How much will it cost for me to rent a set of scaffolding for a few weeks while I completely renovate the outside of my double storey house?

This will depend largely on the amount of scaffolding required as well as on whether you need to have it erected on your behalf or not.

What is the advantage to using scaffolding instead of a ladder?

Scaffolding tends to be sturdier than ladders, making them safer to use on uneven terrain. They also extend higher, so they are perfect for using on jobs that are out of the reach of traditional ladders.

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