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Sash Windows

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Sash windows are special windows that allow panels to open vertically or horizontally on both sides or on the top and bottom to allow for maximum air flow. The sash window installation professionals in our database are able to install any number of sash windows on multiple levels of homes and businesses. They can replace old wooden windows, worn out sash windows or install windows in new homes.

There are a number of advantages to installing sash windows in homes including the simple fact that their beautiful design adds visual appeal to any home. Sash windows work well in homes in Britain where the wet climate often prevents homeowners from opening their windows to circulate fresh air. Sash windows can be opened as little as an inch to allow for fresh air flow into a room while still keeping the rain out. They also have a reputation for lasting longer due to being encased in a box rather than having a hinged casement. This makes sash windows less susceptible to warping and rotting than the hinged versions.

 sash window costs

Sash Window Costs

Typical prices will vary depending on how many need to be installed and the particular sizes needed. Sash windows in odd sizes that must be special ordered or custom made will cost more than one of the standard sizes. Upgrading sash windows to the double glazed versions helps keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer but will cost more. Box sash windows also cost a little more due to their intricate design. Homeowners who already have sash windows and believe they need to be replaced can check into repairs instead. Repairs may be possible and would cost less than replacement windows.

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Your sash window questions answered

What are sash windows?

A sash window is made up of one or more movable panels of glass, usually moved thanks to the assistance of hidden weights and counterweights installed in the window's frames.

What are the primary applications of sash windows?

Sash windows today are primarily an aesthetic choice, though at their origin, they were designed to allow the maximum amount of air through for ventilation and cooling.

What is the average cost of sash window installation?

Sash windows can be a little difficult to install, so the costs are higher than installing a basic window. Usually, full installation will cost around £650 per window, though this may vary depending on where you live.

Can I install sash windows in existing structures?

Yes, sash windows can be installed in existing structures, but most people choose not to use them. They are often referred to as heritage windows and are most often found in older homes and building.

What are some benefits to a sliding sash window?

A sliding sash window can be easier to operate than one that lifts up and down. Many sliding sash windows will also tilt inward, making them easier for people to clean.

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