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Roof Repair

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Don't keep putting out the saucepan every time it rains to catch the water dripping from a leak in your roof. You have no way of knowing the damage that is being done to your home by the moisture that is seeping in and saturating the interior space. The roof repairs experts in our database can inspect your roof and take care of any hazardous leaks.

Moisture that stays in an attic or saturates a ceiling can become a haven for mould, mildew, insects and larger pests, all of which are unhealthy for you and your family. The pre-qualified roofing repairs specialists in our database can not only repair your leaky roof, but inspect it once a year in order to catch any minor problems before they turn into expensive repair jobs. The roof repairs companies in our extensive network are reputable, carry proper licensing and insurance coverage and guarantee their work with warranties.

 roof repair costs

Roof Repair Costs

Prices vary based on a number of factors. The overall condition of the roof and the extent of the necessary repairs will affect the repair costs. The size of the roof, the pitch and the height of the house also impact the cost of roof repairs. The type of roof and the roofing materials needed to make adequate repairs affect the cost too. Some roof types are simply more expensive than others and therefore more costly to repair. The experts in our network also handle repairs to gutters, dormers, bays, rain water pipes and other roof-related projects.

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Contracting with a dependable roof repair service is easy using our convenient system. Just complete the simple form above and receive as many as four competitive quotes from pre-approved roof repair companies in and around your area. The quotes are free-of-charge, and there is no obligation to use any of our recommendations.

Your roof repair questions answered

What are some of the most common reasons for needing repairs?

Storm damage, high wind or a lack of maintenance can all lead to roof repairs being needed. Aside from that, age is the most common reason for needing repairs.

How long will repairs take?

This will depend upon the extent of damage you have; however, most repairs can be made in only a few hours. Emergency repairs can also be done when required.

Can I repair my roof myself?

You may be able to manage small repairs such as single missing shingles, and other similar damages. Larger, more complex repairs should be attended by a professional.

What do the most common repairs cost?

Small repairs, such as replacing roof shingles or tiles to fix a leak can cost as little as £100. More complex damage will be more expensive and may require more comprehensive work.

What are some signs that roof repair is needed?

If you have missing or broken shingles/tiles, bent flashing, or areas of your roof are sunken or bowed, you should have an inspection performed to see whether or not repairs are needed.

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