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Rat Control

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Rats can pose a serious health hazard to people, and that is why it is important to have a reliable rat control company to do away with these pests when they first appear. Rats carry dangerous diseases like salmonella, E. coli and tuberculosis; therefore eliminating them swiftly is extremely important. In addition, rats carry other pests like fleas, lice and ticks, and they can cause fires by chewing through electrical wiring.

All rat controller services should be called at the first sign of infestation. Noises that sound like scurrying under floorboards or in walls, ripped food containers and chewed plastic, wood shavings, torn cardboard and other nesting materials and large dark droppings are all signs that rats have invaded your home or office. Finding a reliable rat control specialist is not difficult when you choose one of the pre-qualified companies in our database. All of the specialists in our network are certified in their fields, and use safe means of disposing of the pests.

 rat control costs

Rat Control Costs

Prices can vary depending on the extent of the infestation, the type of treatment needed to eliminate the rat problem and how many visits the rat controller need to make to the area in order to eradicate the rats completely. Part of the process is to rodent-proof the home or building after the rat infestation is eliminated, and that does involve some additional charges. Although costs can be expensive at times, it is crucial to eliminate the pests for the health and safety of the people in the area.

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Your rat controlling questions answered

What are my options?

Most of the time, the successful controlling of rats includes sealing off entrances and eliminating food sources. There may also be a need to remove rats that are already in the home, and there are a variety of options for getting this job done.

When is it time to hire a rat controler?

If your methods aren't working within a few days' time, it may be best to hire an expert. Some rats carry diseases and can spread them to humans, so it's not a light issue.

Can I prevent rats from entering my home?

Rats are looking for two things: food and shelter. Keep garbage or debris away from the exterior walls of your home and fill in any crawl spaces with expandable foam or chicken wire to keep them from being able to enter your home.

Are humane traps effective?

Humane traps can be an effective way to remove rats from your home, but if you release them too near their capture area, they will just return. Rat populations are so high in urban areas that there is really no reason to rely on humane traps.

How is rat control performed?

Controlling rodents is a multi-step process that involves eliminating rats, removing their nests, and preventing them from accessing your building in the future by blocking points of entry. All of these are equally important.

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