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glass partitions

Glass Partitions

Divide you home or office with glass partition walls

One of the biggest challenges for the modern office is providing a quiet, pleasant space that is conducive to concentration yet offers enough light and opportunity for team work. The glass partitions companies in our database can provide excellent solutions in which office workers can have both privacy and a vision of the rest of the office simultaneously. The aluminium frames can be painted to match the office decor.

There are a wide range of options within glass partition products. More modern, frameless glass partitions can be installed to upgrade the look and feel of an office, and glazed glass partitions can also provide an excellent touch to a refurbished office space. The professionals in our network can provide the latest selections of glass wall partitions to suit just about any purpose in an office, commercial or industrial environment. They can handle quick installations minimising your company downtime and they can provide solutions that match virtually any budget.

 glass partition wall costs

Glass Partition Wall Costs

Average glass partition costs vary based on the scope of the job, the number of partitions needed, the size of the office, commercial or industrial space, the type of glass needed and the kind of frames. Regional labour and material costs can affect the price of glass partition jobs as can the location of the job. The quality of the partitions will impact the cost and whether or not your organisation can use standard size partitions or must have customised sized partitions will make a difference as well.

Glass Partition Quotes

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Your glass partition questions answered

How quickly can glass partitions be installed?

The length of time it will take for installation can depend upon the particular client and what is needed. For the most part, a partition can be installed within a few days.

What are glass partitions?

Glass partitions are glass "walls" that section off certain areas of larger spaces, creating more than one smaller space. These can be beneficial for those who want to separate an area while keeping the appearance of an open space.

Where can glass partitions be installed?

Glass partitions can be installed pretty much anywhere that you would install a regular wall or partition. They provide a barrier between rooms while still allowing the creation of a floor plan that feels very spacious and open.

How much do glass partitions cost?

This will vary, but most standard glass partitions are going to start at about £110 per square metre. Frameless partitions are going to be more expensive, coming in at about £165 per square metre.

Can glass partitions be placed outside?

Yes, provided the contractor uses glass block that is rated for outdoor use. Outdoor glass partitions can be used as accent walls on a patio or deck, or strategically placed to enhance privacy.

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