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Garden Design

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Are you tired of living with a jungle in your backyard? Always dreamed of that perfect garden replete with delicate flowers and tinkling fountains? Garden design offers a variety of landscaping services from seasonal planting to complete garden make-overs. No job is too big or too small for the garden professionals. Need a garden overhaul but concerned about the cost? That's where we can help, finding you the best services at the lowest prices.

Garden Design Process

The initial step in garden design includes a survey and planning session where professional landscapers will discuss your dream garden with you. All professional gardening companies should be registered with the UK Society of Gardeners, an organisation ensuring high standards of practise. The garden designers will then come up with a practical and affordable plan and provide you with a cost estimate or bid. This bid typically includes the following.

  • Detailed measurements of the garden including individual sites for water features, flower beds and patios
  • Plot plan and map of all areas
  • Preliminary drawing or 3D model of proposed installation (changes can be made at this stage)
  • Final working plans used for pricing estimate and for all future meetings (changes aren't usually made after this point)
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Design Plans

Garden design plans should include all the proposed work associated with your landscaping project. This includes the purchase of specific plants, all soil preparation, the installation of required irrigation, creating adequate drainage, consulting with arborists and acquiring trees, all details if masonry is required, the acquisition and installation of features such as ponds and built-in fireplaces, and garden lighting.

 garden design costs

Patios, Paving and Pergolas

Most garden design companies do offer additional services which include the design and construction of patios and garden decking, laying paving for garden paths and erecting pergolas or other garden fixtures such as bird baths and greenhouses. Be aware that these additional features may affect the price. Custom designed lighting and water features may also be pricier, especially if they require extra labour to connect these fixtures with the main electric and water systems of the house.

Garden Design Costs

The cost of garden design varies according to the size of your garden and the extent of the project. The more labour-intensive the work, the more expensive the project is likely to be. Similarly, the more extensive the make-over, the higher the cost will be. Materials including the type and number of plants and trees required as well as the materials for features such as concrete and wooden decking, will affect the cost. Rest assured there is an affordable garden design for you, and we'll help you find it.

Going Green

Looking for a garden that's filled with more than just pretty flowers? Our network offers services for those who want to turn flower beds into vegetable gardens. Growing your own vegetables and herbs can be kinder on your wallet and the environment. Ask the professionals how to get rid of unwanted pests without using harmful insecticides. Solar powered garden lighting is also available for those who want a more energy efficient, sustainable garden.

Always dreamed of manicured lawns or vibrant flowers? Want to enjoy the serenity of your garden replete with bubbling fountain? Time to start growing your own veggies? Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your ideal garden. We'll take it from there, shopping around for you, saving you time and money. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today and that perfect garden you've always imagined will be yours thanks to garden design.

Your garden design questions answered

Why should I hire a garden designer?

Garden designers are professional thinkers, planners and builders. A garden designer knows how to create a dream garden using the property and budget that is available.

How long does it take to design a garden?

The entire process, from meeting to planning to digging and planting, takes between 6-8 weeks. Larger and more complex gardens can take longer.

Do you have teams of experts that can help design a new garden for me?

We most certainly do, and they will be able to give you all the advice needed before getting started on your garden project.

Will you be able to help me with my entire garden design project?

We have professional teams of garden experts on our network who will be able to see a project like this through from start to finish.

What normally happens during a garden design consultation?

A local garden designer will meet with you at your home in order to look at your property and discuss your landscaping goals. You may also have computer models of your ideas produced to give you a better idea what they would look like.

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