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electrical socket installation

Electrical Socket Installation

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As more electrically-powered technology is created, home and business owners may find they need plug socket installation companies to upgrade their homes or buildings. Overloading existing sockets can be dangerous, and can cause fires and damage to electronic equipment. Professional electrical socket installation and the outlying areas is the best solution to help home and business owners keep up with the increasing need for electronics.

It is important for businesses to comply with workplace health and safety regulations that are associated with the use of electrical sockets. When businesses grow and are in need of plug socket installation, it is vital that they use skilled and licensed electricians like those in our extensive network to perform the work. The experts in our network evaluate the current and future needs of a home or business, and make well-planned recommendations for electrical socket installations. They guarantee customer satisfaction, and can provide verifiable references upon request.

 plug socket installation costs

Electrical Socket Costs

Average prices are dependent on the number of sockets needed and their locations. Rather than look for the least expensive company to take care of your job, it is best to contract with companies that employ electricians who are registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). They should also be Trustmark registered and Safe Contractor approved. It is important to make sure any electrical socket installation is performed by a company that is compliant with all safety laws and regulations.

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Simply complete the form above to receive as many as four competitive quotes from pre-qualified companies in our network of professionals. All quotes are delivered direct at a time convenient to you. The quotes come free of charge and with no obligation from licensed and insured companies that can perform any electrical socket installation job safely and efficiently.

Your electrical socket installation questions answered

How many sockets do you install?

The expert electricians can install as many electrical sockets as you need, however 2-4 sockets per room is typical.

Where can electrical sockets be installed?

The preference is to install electrical sockets close to the floor on a flat wall that is easy to access and not obstructed by furniture. There may however be special circumstances where sockets are installed in higher locations.

Can I have extra sockets installed in an existing structure?

This will depend on the number of sockets that are already installed on a given circuit. Just like you're not supposed to overload a power strip with too many plugs, you also should not overload a room circuit with too many sockets.

Can I install electrical sockets myself?

Possibly, but it is generally not recommended. Anytime you are dealing with electricity, you should always consult a professional, and that includes simple jobs like installing a new electrical socket.

How many electrical sockets do I need?

A good rule of thumb is that there should be at least one socket along each section of wall. There should also be no more than 1.8 metres of space between each socket.

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