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Electric Heating

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When it comes to warming a home or commercial building, electric heating has many advantages. There are numerous types of electric heat, which means it can be used in nearly any space whether commercial or residential. You may be considering electric heat because it’s time to upgrade your current system or are planning new construction. Either way, we have professionals in our network who can help.

Types of Electric Heating

Electric heat can be very elaborate or simple. A few of the different types of electric heat include:

  • Electric furnaces which heat entire buildings by using forced air
  • Radiators that are intended to heat only small areas or individual rooms
  • Baseboard heat which sits near the floor and radiates heat into a room
  • Portable heaters that can be carried from room to room
  • Heat pumps – devices that operate much like furnaces and use Freon to heat and cool a structure

Choosing the Right Electric Heating

It may seem like an overwhelming task to choose the right type of electric heating system since there are so many choices available. The biggest factor to consider is the number of square metres you are planning to heat. While you could get by with baseboard heat or radiators in a small flat, a heat pump or furnace would be better for a large home or commercial office building. You should also take into account the quality of the system, since inexpensive units might wear out faster and require repairs more often than those that cost a bit more.

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Benefits of Electric Heating

There are several advantages to having electric heat, and one of the biggest ones is the fact that this energy source is readily available. It’s also more convenient to use electric heat since you will only have one energy bill to worry about every month. Electric heat is energy-efficient, which means that electric heating costs are normally less than coal or oil. It is also very environmental friendly and releases very little toxins into the atmosphere. Repairs can be easy to make since parts for electric heaters are readily available.

Contractor Qualifications

The contractor you choose for installing electric heating should be familiar with all the different systems that are out there. Any service technicians should also be licensed and insured. It’s helpful to choose a company that has emergency service available so you can be sure you won’t be without heat if your system goes down after normal business hours. The reputation of the company is also important, so you should ask for references and talk with families and friends who have recently purchased electric heat systems in order to find honest contractors.

Electric Heating Costs

Installation of Electric Heating – Several things go into figuring the cost of installation, and the biggest one is the type and size of the unit. Where the system is placed can also influence the installation cost since modifications could need to be made to existing structures in order to make room for it.

Repair Costs – Repair costs generally depend on the extent of the repair and availability of parts. It can sometimes be more cost-effective to replace rather than repair an older unit since parts may be difficult to locate. Repairs are normally less expensive when they are completed right away, as they can turn into major ones if left unchecked.

Servicing Cost – Routine service can extend the life of your appliance. The cost of servicing electric heating includes the frequency of maintenance calls and the type of work performed at each visit. Some service plans cost more but also provide you with a discount on parts and labour in the event that repairs are needed at a later time.

Your electric heating questions answered

What is the cost of electric heating when compared to gas or oil?

Electric heating is very cost-effective in comparison to other heating methods. In addition, the price of electricity tends to fluctuate less than the cost of gas or oil does, making it easier to budget for.

Is there any risk of fire when using electric heating?

Any time there is a heat source, there is a risk of fire; however, the odds of a well-maintained electric forced air furnace catching on fire is much less than it is with other fuel sources.

Why does my air feel cool when it's set to heat?

Heat pumps, used in electric heating systems, do not heat the air to higher than about 90 degrees. Normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees F, so what you're feeling is the difference between the air temperature and your own body temperature.

Do electric heat pumps work as well as gas furnaces?

There are people who favour both types of heating systems. Gas furnaces do heat faster than their electric counterparts, but they are also less energy efficient. Electric heating systems provide more of a slow steady heat.

Is it normal to notice a burning smell when starting my electric heating unit for the first time?

Yes, a very faint odor may be noticeable when starting your unit the first time during the season. This should only last for an hour or so, and should not interfere with your normal activities.

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