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Drain Surveys

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An individual looking to purchase an older home would do well to contract with one of the drain surveys companies in our extensive network. They all have access to the latest technology used to pinpoint drainage problems. It is far better to discover the weak and troubled spots in a home's drainage system before purchasing the home than be surprised by serious and costly drainage problems after moving in.

The drain surveying companies in our network use the latest closed circuit TV (CCTV) software with state-of-the-art drain cameras to produce top quality survey reports for potential home buyers who need to know the condition of a home's drainage system. The high resolution reports will show defects and abnormalities in a home's drainage system and the location of each problem area. The expert technicians can suggest solutions to the drainage problems and estimate costs for fixing the problems. It is unwise to purchase an older home without having the drainage system thoroughly inspected by qualified technicians.

 drain surveying costs

Drain Survey Costs

Average costs vary depending on the extent of the testing that is necessary, the size and age of the house and drain system and the level of detail needed in the drainage system reports. The skilled professionals in our network are licensed and guarantee their work. They are able to provide verifiable references from satisfied customers upon request. Contracting with one of our pre-approved drain survey companies for an investigation and subsequent report on the condition of a home's drainage system can save new homeowners a great deal of money by letting them know about drainage problems in advance.

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By completing the easy and convenient form above, you can receive up to 4 quotes free of charge from pre-qualified drain survey companies in your area. There is no obligation to contract with any of the companies in our network, but all are competitive in their pricing, screened and highly reputable.

Your drain survey questions answered

What is a drain survey?

A drain survey, also called a drain inspection, is when a professional plumber takes a close look at a homeowners drains to evaluate whether they are in need of a cleaning or not. This can help protect the property and pipes and prevent serious clogs.

How often should a drain survey be complete?

Having a drain survey done every 6 months to 1 year is a great way to ensure that the pipes remain in healthy working order, and that no serious blockages or problems arise.

What tools are needed to complete a drain survey?

Most drain surveys are completed using a CCTV camera that is attached to the end of a long metal snake. This allows the surveyors to visibly inspect the pipes and take note of any clogs or damage that may be present.

What sort of things does a drain survey look for?

Drain surveys are primarily used to look for root intrusion, clogs, broken or damaged pipeline, and illegal connections. All of these things need to be repaired before the drain is used constantly.

When should a drain survey be performed on an existing home?

Before adding a bathroom or utility room to ensure there are adequate drains for new fixtures. You may also need a drain survey prior to selling your home to prove that yours are up to code.

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