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Commercial Surveyors

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Are you unsure about where your property boundaries lie? Interested in making improvements to an existing structure and need to make sure you stay within the right boundaries? If so, you need to hire commercial surveyors . These professionals can help you determine exactly where your property lines are so there will not be any issues when it comes time to sell your real property or make improvements.

Why Hire Commercial Surveyors?

Even if you have lived in your home for some time, you may nonetheless have a need for a commercial surveyor. Some common reasons why people hire surveyors include:

  • Selling off a parcel of land and retaining the rest of it
  • Installing a fence along property boundaries
  • Selling gas, oil, or timber rights
  • You are afraid a neighbour may be infringing upon your property
  • Whenever there is a dispute to the title of land
  • Whenever you are granting or asking for an easement to property

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Surveyors

When it comes to defining exact property bounds, the only way to be sure where these lines are is by using a professional surveyor. Reading plan maps yourself can be difficult, and some of the original property markers may no longer exist. Commercial surveyors are skilled at reading maps and other ancient property documents in order to take precise measurements. Other advantages of hiring a commercial surveyor are:

  1. Results can be recognised in a court of law
  2. Exact parcels can be marked off
  3. Results are officially recorded in the local courthouses
  4. Surveyors operate highly technical equipment that delivers extremely precise measurements
  5. Contractors can safely operate equipment on roads and around power lines, thereby eliminating safety concerns
  6. Survey team is unbiased and will produce reports that are also unbiased
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When they are required?

In some cases, it might be necessary to hire commercial surveyors to establish property boundaries. This could be the case whenever you are selling huge parcels of property. It might also be needed if part of your property is being rezoned from residential to commercial or industrial use. Heirs to property sometimes hire commercial surveying companies to help them settle disputes with family members. In many of these instances, a judge could require property owners to hire commercial surveyors before a decision will be made about legal matters concerning the title to land.

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Considerations when Hiring Commercial Surveyors

When trying to determine the right commercial surveyors to do the job, you will want to consider the experience and reputation of each one. It's important to know how long the company has been in business and whether they are familiar with surveying both residential and commercial property. Once you are comfortable with the qualifications of a commercial surveyor, you can then comparison shop for the best rates among qualified vendors.

Taking the time to talk with commercial surveyors can be cumbersome and time-consuming. It can be difficult to know which contractors are qualified to deal with the type of project you have. After finding a reputable and qualified contractor, you could spend even more time trying to compare rates between companies. Why spend the time to contact each commercial surveying company individually when we can take care of much of the work for you?

All you need to do is provide us with a few basic details about the type of surveying job you need done. Once we receive this information, we will go to work on your behalf, contacting commercial surveying companies to find a contractor that matches your needs. It's easy and simple, and best of all, there's no obligation to use any of the vendors we recommend. Since you have nothing to lose, go ahead and contact us today.

Your commercial surveying questions answered

What kind of work do commercial surveyors do?

Commercial surveyors are tasked for a variety of jobs, including assessing property value, taking measurements, and writing a variety of reports on the state and impact of construction projects.

Why would I need to contract a commercial surveyor?

That will depend on what the surveyor specialises in. Some work for construction companies and are tasked with overseeing buildings from start to finish, while others work with landlords and specialise in property management and tenancy.

Where can I find a good commercial surveyor?

Use our free quote service to be put in touch direct with local surveyors. This is often the best way to find a superior commercial surveyor. It is often much more reliable than simply going to the newspaper classifieds.

Do I need to have anything prepared for the surveyor?

You will need to have your copy of the deed for the property or, if you are not the property owner, written permission from the man or woman who owns the property enabling you to make decisions and hire surveyors.

What are some things commercial surveyors might check for?

A commercial surveyor might check to ensure that a structure is sound enough for its intended use, in addition to making sure the building meets current fire and safety codes.

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