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CCTV Repair

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Closed circuit television involves the use of cameras to detect unwanted activity. Unfortunately, these cameras are sometimes the target of vandalism, which can basically render them ineffective. They are often placed outdoors, making them susceptible to damage from the elements. CCTV repair is needed from time to time if your cameras are to perform as they are intended to.

CCTV repair can cover a number of issues ranging from shorts in the electrical system to lenses that produce blurry images. In many cases, it might be necessary to review footage from these cameras in order to make an accurate diagnosis as to the problem. Other times, the cause of the problem will be obvious, as is usually the case whenever closed circuit television systems have been the target of vandalism or damaged in a storm.

 cctv repair costs

CCTV Repair Costs

Average CCTV repair costs can depend on a number of things, including the extent of damage, type of system you are operating, and where a camera is located. You should always choose a repair technician who is familiar with your particular equipment, even if that person’s hourly rate is a little higher than average. Hiring a technician who is unfamiliar with your equipment could result in additional repairs being needed only a short time later. If your closed circuit camera is very old, you could be better off replacing it instead of having it fixed.

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If you’re looking for CCTV repair specialists, you don’t have to spend endless hours searching through phone book listings. All you have to do is fill out our easy online form in order to get started. After that, we’ll have up to four professionals in our extended network contact you with quotes. Our service is free, so go ahead and get started right now while you’re still thinking about it.

Your CCTV repair questions answered

What signs indicate CCTV repairs are needed?

When a camera fails to transmit a clear image, has been tampered with, or has received storm damage, repairs may be necessary.

Do repairs take a long time?

No, most repairs can be made on the spot rather quickly unless the cameras have extensive damage. In that case, a replacement might be needed instead.

What does CCTV repair cost?

The cost of CCTV repair will depend on the extent of the repairs. Camera or other hardware replacement due to extreme damage or age can be expensive, while replacing minor parts can be done for as little as £20-30.

What do repairs normally entail?

Again, this will depend on what needs to be fixed. In general, a repair technician will come to your home or place of business, assess the hardware, and then let you know what repairs are necessary.

Is it possible to obtain emergency CCTV repair?

Yes, as technicians know the security of your home or business depends on obtaining timely repairs. Let us help you find a technician who can perform emergency repairs by filling out our free online quotation form.

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