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Building Surveyors

Bring onboard a building surveyor for less

Time to invest in a new home or commercial property? Whether you're planning on refurbishing an existing structure or want to build from the ground up, Building surveyors offer a range of services essential to any construction project. Need professional advice on construction law or your design plans? We can help you get in touch with the best building surveyors at a price to suit your budget.

What is a Building Surveyor?

Building surveyors are trained in all aspects of property and construction. These professionals specialise in Building Pathology, able to understand all aspects of a project and how decisions affect the end result. For this reason, building surveyors make ideal project and property managers, dealing with everything from individual contractors to acquiring necessary building permissions. No project is too big or too small to benefit from a consultation with a professional surveyor.

Services Provided by Building Surveyors

Building surveyors offer a range of services which can include the following

  • Construction design
  • Building works and on-site management
  • Project management
  • Property legislation such as building permissions
  • Insurance assessment including claims assistance
  • Maintenance advice
  • Defect investigation
  • Building surveys
  • Managing planning applications
  • Acquisition surveys
  • All dilapidation claims
  • Building compliance and forensic inspections
  • Independent property valuations
  • Specialised design for disabled access and fire safety

When not directly responsible for the project, surveyors can still contribute to the construction process by working closely with architects and structural engineers, offering advice on design, cost management, building maintenance, sustainability and energy efficiency, repair, refurbishment and the restoration and preservation of vintage buildings and monuments.

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Why you Need a Building Surveyor

Buying your dream home only to discover half way through refurbishment that your walls are riddled with rot can be soul destroying. A building survey conducted prior to signing the contract may help prevent this type of situation. If you're already invested and need professional advice about how to proceed, surveyors can help you plan around structural defects so that your dream home doesn't crumble down around you.

Design Consultation

Building surveyors work closely with architects and can provide design consultations. These consultations include evaluating a home or commercial building for disabled access conversion, designing an energy efficient heating system for a new or existing building as well as suggesting structural changes necessary for sustainable development.

Building Surveyors Save you Money

Before you commit to buying residential or commercial property, ask a building surveyor to inspect the structures for serious faults such as rot and internal cracks, subsidence and insect infestations. These problems could end up costing you a fortune to fix and will greatly reduce the value of the property in question. The cost of hiring surveyors is nothing compared to the money you'll have to spend fixing those nasty surprises in your new building.

Before you sign away your savings, investing in that dream house or ideal retail space, let building surveyors provide you with a comprehensive consultation. Need a building surveyor's expertise but aren't sure where to find the best professionals for project? That's where we can help, finding you the best building survey services at the lowest prices.

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Your building surveyor questions answered

Will I need building surveyors before I begin my home construction project?

Building surveyors are helpful in giving advice to homeowners who plan construction or renovation projects. They can look at the current structure and provide insight or information to ensure that any renovation project is done safely and that the homeowner is in compliance with local laws and ordinances.

Are building surveyors required?

They are not necessarily required, but in some areas it may be beneficial to have a building surveyor take a look at the home before a project begins. They can help you determine whether you will need a permit to complete the construction project.

How much do building surveyors charge?

A building survey of a new home can cost upwards of £1,000, not including any additional labour or equipment costs. The cost of the survey will actually depend upon the overall value of the home.

When do I need to call a building surveyor?

You should hire a building surveyor anytime you are preparing to purchase a new or existing home. Even new homes, which are guaranteed by the construction company, can benefit from a once over by a building surveyor.

Will building surveyors recommend courses of action to correct defects?

Yes, an official report will not only note defects, but provide recommendations to correct them. Even so, exact specifications concerning upgrades to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services may not be given.

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