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basement conversions

Basement Conversions

Save on basement conversion costs

One way to add to the value of your home is to contract with one of the professional basement conversions companies in our extensive database to have your basement built out into anything you desire. The basement conversion specialists in our network are able to transform a basement into a guest suite, a family room, a recreation area or just about anything else a customer can imagine.

Moving into a larger home when your family grows can be expensive and time consuming. Selling your smaller home, packing up all of your belongings and hiring a company to transport the large pieces of furniture can be a big job. Why not contact the basement conversion companies in our network? Any one of them can create more living space in your home by converting your basement into whatever kind of extra room or rooms you need. They can even construct a bathroom, a kitchen or install a hot tub. The size of your basement is a major factor that will determine the extent of the conversion.

 basement conversion costs

Basement Conversion Costs

Average conversion prices can vary tremendously depending on the size of the basement and the extent of the conversion. Adding bathrooms that require plumbing or kitchens that require running water and gas connections for the oven will add significantly to the overall cost of a basement conversion. Constructing multiple rooms in the basement space will call for the addition of walls, and that is something else that can impact the cost of basement conversions.

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Building out a basement may not be as expensive as you think. Simply complete the convenient form above and get as many as four free quotes from the basement conversion professionals in our network. They can provide references as well as pictures for completed projects in the area.

Your basement conversion questions answered

What can I convert my basement into?

Basement conversions are limited only by your imagination, your square footage, and your budget. Convert it into a spare bedroom, a recreation area, a movie theatre, or a spa. The possibilities are endless.

How much do basement conversions cost?

The overall price will depend on how elaborate the conversion is, and what final level of fitting is required. Prices don't generally include any furniture or other things you may wish to add. Simply apply online for a free quote to see if the prices meet your budget.

Can a basement be converted into a room for a lodger to rent?

Yes. Converting a basement into a bedroom is actually fairly simple, and does not require planning permissions to complete. All you need to do is file a change of use with your local permitting office.

What do I need to begin a basement conversion?

The first thing that you're going to need is a plan. After that is obtained, you should consider hiring a contractor to do the conversion for you. That way you know all the work is done right the first time.

How much head room should basements have in order to be converted?

At least two metres’ worth of head room should be left after covering overhead pipes and wiring with ceiling tile. If your ceiling has less than that, your use of the space may be very limited.

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